Are You Already A Target For
A Lawsuit??

As a Business Owner or Medical Professional, You Are In Greater Danger of Being Sued Today Than Ever Before. The more established you are, the more your exposure to liability and without Core Asset Protection Strategies in place the odds are you will lose your personal and business assets in some crazy lawsuit!

Do You Know The FOUR Critical New Steps
You Must Take Now To Protect Yourself From:


    • Malpractice, Injury, Harassment & Other
      Frivolous Lawsuits
    • Employee Suits For Retaliation Or Discrimination
    • Online Character Assassination
    • Excessive & Unnecessary Taxes

Get The Bulls-Eye Off Your Back Now And Create Enduring Wealth Systems For Your Family’s Security For Years To Come!

Cosmetic Surgeon George Schmieder on Landen R. Blair

“I brought everything you did for me when we set up for us to the largest law firm in Jacksonville and they did nothing, they said “We can’t do anything… You are untouchable!”

– Dr. George Schmieder, Cosmetic Surgeon

Landen R. Blair, MBA, CPA, CFE, CICA, CVA (ret.) is considered by major legal and other firms as America’s Most Trusted Asset Protection Specialist.  His copyrighted strategies have been proven again and again, in court case after court case, and have consistently stood the judicial test to protect his clients’ assets, and are housed in the Library of Congress for use by law firms nationwide.

His exclusive Enduring Wealth System provides the essential Core Asset Protection Strategies thousands rely on, including the FOUR Critical Steps you need to take right now to bring your business and personal asset structures into compliance, and keep them there.  In Blair’s Complimentary Video he shares ALL Four:

  • ANY Small Business Owner or Entrepreneur, or any director, administrator, office manager, accountant, or owner or partner in a small business, or
  • ANY Medical or Healthcare Professional including physician, dentist, OB/GYN, anesthesiologist, cosmetic surgeon, optometrist, chiropractor, surgeon, podiatrist, psychologist, therapist, nurse or touch or work with patients in any way
  • ANYONE With $200,000 or more in assets with OR without an asset protection plan

If any of these apply to you…

FACT: You Are Probably Paying Thousands More Dollars In Taxes Than Necessary… Every Year!

It is NOT the tax collectors’ job to give you advice that may help you structure your business or personal assets to Pay LESS Taxes! It is totally up to YOU to make sure you have the proper business entities in place to qualify for the greatest legal tax savings available… (You Will Be AMAZED at how much money you have thrown away up until now)!

CPA Bart Crews & Homa Nezami for Landen R. Blair

“When attorneys set up asset protection for their clients they don’t always consider the tax implications and the deductibility of losses or income for their client… they purely look at it from a legal standpoint. What Landen does is look at this and make sure that not only are they in compliance and properly set up legally, but that there’s maintaining of these entities and that there is compliance so there are no issues in the future.”

– Barton Crews, CPA

The Enduring Wealth System, Built Upon The Core Asset Strategies PROTECT YOU From Frivolous Claims, Malpractice, Personal Injury, Sexual Harassment, Over Taxation & MUCH More.



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